Both attractive and practical: drawers and pullouts can look forward to LEICHT’s Q-BOX/Q-BOX vario – a new organisation system which has just been named winner of the internationally acclaimed “iF product design award 2013”. Classically modern with a top-quality appearance, the material combination consisting of light, solid oak with consistently shaped black inserts made of a hard-elastic, carbon-like synthetic material grooved into the cutlery drawers. These can be removed and are thus easy to clean; they also soften noise and are slip-resistant. ngs for the living area.


Choose from a whole range of organising elements for the individual and flexible layout of storage space: cutlery and module elements such as knife blocks, foil and film holders, and sets with sealed porcelain containers perfect for storing spices, for example. The modular construction means drawers and pullouts can be equipped up to a width of 120 cm.